Online travel portals in multiple regions

Online travel portals in multiple regions

TripTide was set up in 2012 after an inspirational journey to Australia by its founder Richard Nielan. Having booked a month down under he discovered that there was a paucity of real, current, local, in-depth information on where to go and what to see. Once this information had been found - provided to him by a flow of resident Australians - his next task was to try and book activities and accommodation from a variety of online channels. On returning to the UK he decided to create a technology platform that allowed travellers to research places to stay, recommended via a network of local people, and buy tours.  As well as letting local suppliers market and sell. All very easy on paper, but when the coding started - the challenges escalated, and that's where TechBank came in.


Richard Nielan said : "I wanted to design a platform that had the capabilities of Facebook, Expedia and Amazon and put them all together. Effectively allowing local suppliers to advertise and sell their products online, and enabling local communities to publish an infinite variety of posts, blogs, articles, forums and group discussions. At the same time travellers needed to have a compelling reason to view all this stuff before they made the decision to buy. It needed the combination of several different types of technology and we encountered real problems in the early days getting everything to work together. That's when I called in TechBank. They listened to what we wanted and just got on with it, and delivered when they said they would and within budget. By the time they delivered against one set of milestones there was another list to be fulfilled, but I was delighted with the result."

TechBank's Chris Jones said "We could see that TripTide needed a raft of services and different product sets. We started off by looking at the extensibility of the web design, then started to push the boundaries of size and scale. We ended up integrating a range of divergent technologies and delivered what they wanted on time and and within budget. I like to think that together we have built a 'cross' between Expedia and Facebook which is a 'first' for the travel market."