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Secure Collaboration TechBrick


A major innovation of the last decade of the online world has been the collaboration technologies that have proliferated and become pervasive in all our lives, especially due to mobile reach. Business and specifically governments, have been unable to keep up with using this technology due to fundamental security limitations. TechBank’s Secure Collaboration TechBrick(TB) is here to fill the gap and provide a safe and secure environment for collaborative working. Basically a cloud of your own.  

Our Secure Collaboration TB lets your teams and partners work on confidential documents while ensuring security and traceability. Data is stored with 256-bit encryption from the moment it leaves your machine.  There is nothing to intercept or hack into. 

Since data is syncing over the network, not storing.  It means that you can still access your documents even when you are offline.  A usual setup syncs a few employee’s machines with a machine in the office.  (usually a server) However you can also make use of one of our remote servers.  All located in the EU and compliant with security standards.  Files on our remote servers remain encrypted, so we cannot read your data. 

The Secure Collaboration TB is a local network folder without the need for the local network, a VPN storage location without the need for a VPN, Dropbox or Google Drive but without all your data being stored in California and read by the NSA. 


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  • Productive and secure collaboration within your firewall
  • Secure, web-based access with a password plus a one-time code texted to most mobile devices
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Sophisticated permissions system
  • Operator shielding from service providers and IT department
  • Tamper-proof audit trail
  • Integration of Rights Management Services
  • Intuitive user interface
  • SaaS hosted in certified data centers in USA, UK, D, CH, and LUX
  • Installation and ongoing service included


  • ·         an ultra secure and safe environment for your team to work on confidential initiatives
  • ·         peace of mind through a practically unbreakable encoding system
  • ·         further layers of security provided by EU data protection
  • ·         guaranteed flexibility and speed with fast access to and from remote locations
  • ·         complete autonomy with no reliance on third party services