Solutions for Your Organisation

We supply and support an array of digital solutions to enable online organisations to achieve their full potential.  We focus on the three fundamental areas of your business (business technology, office applications and web solutions), establish exactly what you are struggling with and then propose an appropriate solution in the form of one or more TechBricks.

Connected, integrated, scale-able and modular. A total solution to all your business problems

Connected, integrated, scale-able and modular. A total solution to all your business problems


1) Business Tech.

These are the issues that are specific to your organisation, that your customers never see.  Whilst these sorts of complications are usually unique, there are commonalities that can alleviate the problem.  Usually these problems manifest themselves as having to enter information more than once, finding yourself dealing with huge unwieldy Excel sheets or pressing on with a system that is inefficient because change is too expensive or difficult.  


You might be storing/updating stock levels in Excel and need a cloud based stock control system to give you accurate and current information.

You might require visualisation of spending patterns throughout your customer base, distilling years of sales data down into a fine information liquor.

You may have some incredibly impressive machinery that is still controlled manually, despite the operations being repetitive and predictable.  A general rule is that if something is boring you can probably automate it.  Or at the very least streamline the information so that staff are as productive as they can be. 

2) Cloud based office applications

These are problems that everyone has. All businesses need to manage staff/accounts/remote working/telephone systems.  There are hundreds of solutions out there, but how do you find the right one for your business?  While we provide some of these services, we also re-sell some of the best existing solutions. However, when buying from TechBank you can rest assured that we will make any installation smooth and painless.  


Any growing business with members of staff will eventually be overwhelmed by trying to organise holidays and staff information.  A HR system can allow holidays to be booked/approved/collated etc.  

Your organisation may have expanded to cover multi-site locations.  Your staff now need to work remotely on sensitive documentation requiring higher levels of security.

You may need to integrate a new VOIP telecomms system given your high levels of international calls.   

3) Web Solutions

These are problems that your customers have, and unless you improve their user experience your business is not going to scale in the manner that you would wish.


Your websites are creaking and use a mish-mash of different technologies from disparate suppliers, and you need an upgrade and migration path.

You need to automate some of your customer processes such as providing them with automatically updating pages. Or integrating a variety of third party products into your site without any major disruption.

Once you have your site(s) working as you want you need to start to get the most out of SEO and natural search capabilties.

TechBank provides solutions for all these problem areas and we have a variety of application solutions to help solve them. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, please complete the attached enquiry form and return it to, and we will be back to you as soon as we can.