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Are you struggling to compete in an online world?

Can you live with your online competitors?

Are you accelerating your online presence? 

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Our Clients

providing online businesses    with 'next stage'   growth                       

providing online businesses    with 'next stage'   growth                       

Our clients are just like you -traditional businesses that entered the online world a little while ago that are looking to scale their business through applying best practice and leading edge digital technologies. We provide a safe pair of hands to deliver these services allowing our customers to concentrate on building their business while we take care of the technology

As a relatively new entrant to the online travel industry - we needed to concentrate on our business rather become a software development shop. TechBank allowed us to do just that taking away the the pain of integrating with numerous third party information feeds and booking engines

Our Team

empowering innovative digital solution providers 

empowering innovative digital solution providers 

Our team is the result of a vibrant collaboration of technology developers, software architects, online specialists and digital marketers. We form a collaboration of the best available solutions and people in the digital space. We bring together the best developers in the market curating and delivering technology solutions to help our customers get the most from their online investment.

As a small development organisation with huge aspirations we were struggling to to get a balance between development, sales and marketing. TechBank has not provided us with a great new sales channel but as part of the collaboration we actually have ownership in the company.
— Dave Hill, MD Syncnode Ltd.

Our Vision

delivering an online platform of choice to customers and developers

delivering an online platform of choice to customers and developers

The progress of the online market place has produced a huge growth in the number of technology vendors. Demand from online businesses to satisfy a multitude of evolving requirements has never been greater. However, some of the best suppliers are unable to bring their products to market successfully leaving a huge latent requirement  unfulfilled. TechBank anticipates taking a dominant role in the procurement and supply of innovative online technologies

We are delighted to be working with TechBank, utilising their infrastructure and know-how emerging technology companies will rapidly deliver solutions to market, creating significant shareholder value for participant business owners
— Nigel Cook, MD, Evolution Capital














TechBank is the trading name of TheTechVault Ltd.