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(If you are more interested in working with us than buying from us, perhaps you would prefer the Developer FAQs)

TechBricks, perfectly integrated and serviced pieces of technology to build your business. 

TechBricks, perfectly integrated and serviced pieces of technology to build your business. 

  • So why TechBricks? We decided to categorise everything into brick form to articulate our vision of building highly scalable digital tech infrastructures out of individual, self-contained pieces of inter-locking components. Each TechBrick includes a piece of technology, documentation, project management and can interface into the next brick. If you would like to know more please read What is a Techbrick


  • Who provides the TechBricks to you? Nobody - we make them. We are constantly on the look out for new collaborators to become part of TechBank. The basic prerequisite is for a software developer to have an innovative piece of digital technology that meets our standards. We'll put a value on it, and if we all agree we will buy it at a certain price which executes when the company reaches a particular milestone.  You can find out more by reading How your code becomes a TechBrick in our developers and members section.  


  • So EVERYTHING is a TechBrick? Not quite, we do occasionally re-sell services when we don't have a solution in our collection.  For example we can offer a website TechBrick which is built on the SquareSpace platform, (excellent if you want to control your own content with very little effort). Our SquareSpace TechBrick includes all the costs of setting up and training so you don't end up swearing at the screen trying to get things working. 


  • How much is a TechBrick? They vary in price depending on size and scope, and of course how many you want, but the average TechBrick is £5,000.       


  • Why do you only supply online companies? We wanted to deliver considerable value to aspiring organisations like TechBank, who together form a sizeable target market for our sales efforts. There are more than enough online companies out there to keep us busy for some time. Collectively and individually we have all experienced anxiety when looking for a trusted supplier to fulfil a new requirement, and we want to provide the necessary 'safe pair of hands' to this growing market space.  Besides, if you are not online, we can turn you into an online company within a week.  


Growing pains?  TechBank's aim to provide a service to companies that are having problems scaling.  

Growing pains?  TechBank's aim to provide a service to companies that are having problems scaling.  

  • Is there a typical size of customer that you target? Not really, but at the moment the SME space is quite active for us. There is plenty of growing pain experienced in this market segment to keep us very busy. Those organisations that want to be the next ASOS or Amazon have to scale their business quickly within a technology infrastructure that will support their plans - and that's our sweet spot.           


  • What makes TechBank unique? We know that by 'buying in' raw technology from small suppliers, modifying this technology to meet our standards and then selling it on as part of a bigger picture, everyone wins. Our collaborative suppliers receive the benefit of a support system, (including the potential of a substantial capital gain on exit), and our suppliers receive the benefit of gaining great technology at competitive prices. We believe it's certainly a market first for the UK.    


  • Doesn't it limit you only supplying the UK? Actually, we have already provided solutions overseas, albeit with UK based entities. Being based in London means that we do have a London centric customer base to whom we can sell, visit and logistically manage locally. We believe that most of our existing and prospective customers prefer their suppliers to be within a close proximity.

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