What happens to my product/service to make it a TechBrick ?

This is one of our most common questions, so it is answered in more depth manner in : How your code becomes a Techbrick.

How do I make money while we work to create value : 

There are a number of ways. Every time we sell a TechBrick that incorporates your technology or process we make a payment to you

  1. We charge for TechBrick installation which we will ask you to manage if your product is involved and a proportion of this fee will then be passed to you
  2. If you become involved in the sales process and actually manage the sale through  TechBank you will receive a commission
As a small development organisation with huge aspirations we were struggling to to get a balance between development, sales and marketing. TechBank has not only provided us with a great new sales channel but as part of the collaboration we actually have ownership in the company.
— Dave Hill, MD Syncnode

Am I prevented from selling my product, process or service once I have signed up with TechBank?

Not at all we actively encourage you to get involved in the sales process but would just ask that you use us a the channel

How can I add value to the company?

As a collaborative member you will now be a shareholder and you will be thinking about how to create more value to your shareholding. Obviously you will be doing a great job installing and maintaining your product but there is much more to be done. You will be significantly contributing to our growth by spreading the word and getting actively involved in in the TechBank community which will meet regularly to plan new initiatives. We are always on the lookout for new board members as well.

Are there any other benefits to being part of the TechBank community? There are plenty. As well as getting a great route to exit and a sales channel you will become part of a growing community of like minded individuals to offer you all sorts of additional support from providing you with additional resource or an infrastructure within which you can prosper. 

What will happen to my shareholding if my product doesn't get sold ? Nothing. Your shares are yours from the moment you get them.

When are my shares worth money? Again from the moment you get them but the best time to convert them into cash will be on exit e.g. a trade sale, recapitalisation or IPO