My resolutions for 2015


So here we are again on the starting grid for the New Year. The tell-tale signs of feverishly updating LinkedIn profiles, hopeful incoming sales calls and overworked printers spewing out new operational plans for 2015 are all about us.  Although the country has been immersed in the Christmas/New Year’s fugue of non-stop catch-ups and socials, a brand new year is now well and truly upon us. Along with many of the great and good, I am very pleased to publish my list of accompanying resolutions in the expectation that they will be resolutely upheld and carried through to February and beyond.

1) I start where I left off and I will network properly!  I will attend my weekly-targeted network event (there are plenty of them to go around folks) and I will interact in a grown-up manner with my fellows at said events. I will take part wholeheartedly, and will not be satisfied until I have got round the room and spoken to everyone humanly possibly who will be left in receipt of one of my cards, and a clear and concise articulation of my purpose in life. Furthermore, I will follow them all up the next day with a courteous LinkedIn invite or email reminder.

2) I will appreciate the intern more. Chantelle may not be perfect but I will cherish her. I will not treat her unkindly, unfairly nor judge her harshly and I will certainly pay her more than the minimum wage despite her lack of experience. Interns are people too – they are not slaves. For any of you out there not paying your intern a living wage hold your head in shame. Contrary to a widely held (mis) belief, interns more often than not are highly qualified, bright, full of added value and respond well to good coaching and mentoring.

3) I will do social media properly and take my personal brand seriously. This will mean that I will have to start yoga an hour earlier, but I will definitely do at least a weekly blog, daily tweets and LinkedIn posts, and interesting FB stuff from my daily walk across London Bridge. Online conversations are very powerful, as are linking old friends and new contacts so I will ensure that my online connections are real and meaningful. My posts will be strategic, conscientious, full of good content and highly relevant. 

4) I will try to multi-task effectively and efficiently, which may well mean adopting new technologies and processes. My 30/90/180 days plans will be the first thing that I review on Monday morning and I will be ultra rigorous with my own personal targets and milestones. As a business leader I will delegate as much responsibility as I can to my co-workers and I will lead by example.

5) I will set realistic targets for my team and me. They will be based on what I know I can achieve, not on what my investors would like to hear. I will also set realistic levels of expectation for my team members and will reward achievement at the correct level.

…now I’d like to think that I did a lot of this last year but it never hurts to get everything down on ‘paper’ again.

Happy New Year.