The TechBank Affiliates Scheme

We know that your business network is probably your single most important commercial asset If you are looking for different ways to optimise that network – we would like to suggest something different. We believe that our TechBricks are pretty useful assets themselves to any organisation looking to save time and money through the application of their technology. Any lead or referral  that converts into a sale will be worth a commission to you. If you are interested in becoming part of the affiliate scheme please email to get further details but in the meantime here are some relevant FAQs on the scheme :

  • Does it cost anything to become an affiliate? No
  • Do I need to do any training? No – not unless you want to. We will tell you what we do and if you believe anyone in your network could benefit from any of our products just make the referral and we’ll do the rest
  • How does it work in practice? If you think that any business owner in your network could get value from any of our TechBricks just pass on the referral and we will contact them directly to see if there is anything we can do for them. You will receive your commission when your lead converts and a sale is made
  • As an accountant I would like any resultant professional work to come my way – is this possible? Yes its part of our basic t&cs